Orlando Medical News Endorses Oviedo Mayoral Candidate

Oct 12, 2021 at 10:54 pm by pj

After careful consideration, Orlando Medical News endorses Kevin Hipes as Mayor of Oviedo. The other candidates in this election are quality individuals, but Kevin Hipes' commitment to nurturing Oviedo’s Medical – Healthcare Vertical is visionary:

 · Improving Community Health

· Providing High Compensation Jobs

· Attracting associated businesses and the related jobs that support healthcare

  Kevin Hipes is absolutely a developer, but his commitment to the Oviedo community, giving all development related commissions to charity during his term as mayor, speak volumes to his “Heart of Service.”

Recognizing and aggressively working to manage Oviedo’s traffic challenges, along with its negative impact on Quality-of-Life & Safety speaks boldly to one of the city's current challenges. Make no mistake, traffic calming will be a literal “dog fight” with the Federal and state governments, and neighboring local cities. Oviedo needs a “Champion” and Kevin Hipes is the absolute BEST candidate on November 2nd, 2021.

 Recommended Reading: “Hipes Contract with the People of Oviedo,” https://ilikehipes.com/contract/