LENS Incident Command Center Supports COVID-19 Response Across 8 US States, Including Florida Hospitals 

Mar 31, 2020 at 01:20 pm by pj


Free for use during the COVID-19 pandemic, the LENS Incident Command Center enables rapid identification and resolution of patient and staff safety issues from COVID-19. Already in use in 8 US states, it is a simple turn-key solution accessible from any connected device for credentialed users. 


ORLANDO - Safe & Reliable Healthcare LLC, a leading provider of patient safety and high reliability technologies and services to more than 700 healthcare organizations, is offering the LENS Incident Command Center to support leaders, front line teams and incident command centers who are managing the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Leveraging the firm’s more than 150 years of collective experience in designing, leading, and supporting incident command centers during times of acute crisis - including 9/11, SARS, and Ebola, the LENS Incident Command Center was developed to help leaders to: 

  •  Visualize Key Incident Data and Information in Real-time. Intuitive visual display to support incident management across the care pathway from the emergency department to inpatient to ICU to post-acute and community management; 
  • Protect and Support Frontline Teams. Efficiently share emerging needs by text, call or email for rapid, coordinated response, while providing leaders with ongoing, live updates on critical information including access to the latest resources and contact information of key personnel 
  • CommunicatEffectively and QuicklyReplace multiple, fragmented emails and calls with rapid crisis communication that makes visible key information to the appropriate stakeholders as a ‘single source of truth’; 
  • Drive Key Decision Making With DataSupport system-, division-, hospital-, service line- and community-level updates and town halls, as well as rounds and huddles, to provide meaningful updates, and support data-driven decision-making;  
  • Issue Escalation. Escalate issues to experts or leaders by tagging and adding them to a given issue; and 
  • Organizational Status and Resource Allocation. Enables informed management and prioritization of resources across hospitals, regions, or business units at a glance. 


 Demonstration of the LENS Incident Command Center Board here 

“Many hospital and community incident command centers are compiling this information manually. Related problems from fragmented communication and email overload are making it even more difficult to manage this terrible pandemic. Our solution automates the incident process while making it easy to engage and capture the voice of key stakeholders in real-time, improving our responsiveness to their critical needs in managing this crisis,” said Dr. Allan Frankel, a Managing Director at Safe & Reliable Healthcare.  


Tom Grace, Ph.D, RN, former Vice President of Emergency Management for the Hospital Association of Pennsylvania, offered a professional review, commenting, “the LENS Incident Command Center is breaking new ground in emergency management. It is the most intuitive visual display to support incident management, giving organizations immediate visualization of key data and information to manage the incident from the emergency department, through inpatient and critical care and to post-acute and community management. It enables communication and coordination with all key stakeholders. 

The core LENS technology is in use across several hundred organizations and is healthcare’s first and only real-time high reliability board that helps leaders and managers visibly “close the loop” on ideas, concerns and risks shared by frontline teams, supporting leadership rounds, huddles, improvement work and incident command. LENS is based on a proven framework for culture change and high reliability transformation that Safe & Reliable Healthcare co-developed and published with the Institute of Healthcare Improvement [IHI] based on more than two decades of fieldwork across thousands of hospitals and clinics. 

The LENS Incident Command Center is being made available to hospitals, clinics and essential provider organizations without any software or subscription fees during this pandemic, as part of Safe & Reliable Healthcare’s ongoing mission to protect both patients and caregiver teams from harm and safety issues.  


About LENS – the Learning and ENgagement System 
LENS is the field’s first and only scalable real-time digital solution for high reliability transformation, supporting service line-, hospital- and system-level huddles, walkrounds and continuous improvement for both unit-level initiatives, and uniform execution of organizational strategy 
About Safe and Reliable Healthcare, LLC 
Safe and Reliable Healthcare [“S&R”] is a recognized pioneer in the field of patient safety and high reliability transformation. Having surveyed culture and burnout across more than 1300 organizations and designed and led transformation efforts for dozens of systems including Mayo Clinic, Kaiser Permanente, Advent Health, the NHS, the Military Health System and Veterans Heath Affairs, the firm has spearheaded lasting and measurable improvements in culture, safety, operations, and experience - the healthcare Quadruple Aim.